7 Seconds

"what you see is a memory stronger than a mere file. Choose a photo to destroy: you have only 7 seconds to cherish your memories"

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7 SECONDSto cherish your memories

Thousands of billions of photos are taken each year, the vast majority using smartphones.
Very few of these photos are printed and kept.
I have 12 family albums that belonged to my grandfather, they hold the most significant moments of my family and my life. These photos ARE my memory, they arouse my emotions and are the result of a thoughtout natural selection. "This was my uncle" I say to my son browsing through the album, "this is your great-grandmother and this is dad as a child".

My son , on the other hand, will have a smartphone to hold memorable moments and after taking thousands of photos he will hardly choose any of them. Google will show the photos to him randomly, he will not be choosing what to see.
This makes me think.
The essence of photography is 'memory' and without a proper  selection we risk losing it, we end up being fed images rather than consciously choosing them and cherishing them.
So, select one of these photos I took. With a click a destroying process will start: the photo will live only for 7 seconds, just enough time to keep it in your memory.

I want you to make my photos disappear

I want you to select them to cherish your memory 

Not the system.