Riccardo Piccirillo

Riccardo Piccirillo (Napoli, May 6, 1972) is an Italian photographer.

He loves music, plays guitar and collects vinyl records.
In 2010, Riccardo took his first picture with a reflex camera and decided to set aside guitar. In 2011, he brought his camera to a live concert for the first time (Ruthie Foster). Some of his pics were chosen as cover for an international magazine and to Ruthie Foster’s digital EP: now they feature among Ruthie’s most iconic images. Riccardo’s passion for music is the reason why his work mainly portrays musicians, both in studio shootings and in live concerts. That has earned Riccardo the name of “rock photographer”.
Someone said that Riccardo “feels the same emotions of a musician, and knows when their souls are visible”.
Riccardo has portrayed musicians from all sorts of music styles (Jovanotti, De Gregori, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Joe Satriani and others) first at live concerts, then in private sessions and studio shootings. Riccardo is increasingly gaining popularity as a portrait photographer. Many artists have chosen him as personal photographer. Enzo Gragnaniello, James Senese, Osanna, Laurence Jones, Corey Harris, Bisca, Solis String Quartet, Maldestro, Foja, Tom McGuinness, Anastasio, Blindur, La Maschera, Raiz, Fabrizio Poggi, Gennaro Porcelli, La Terza Classe, True Blues Band, Assurd, Speaker Cenzou, Francesca Del Duca, Danise, M’Barka Ben Taleb, Simona Boo, Flo, La Famiglia and many others use his photo works as covers for their records, posters and official press photos.

In 2016, Riccardo launched a blog to tell about his photo shootings and his work, with interviews and anecdotes.
His pictures are published on Italian and international magazines and newspapers (from Corriere della Sera and Repubblica, to the Jerusalem Post or Downbeat Magazine).
His work features on four catalogues/books of contemporary art.
He is also a staff member of the Italian official Nikon Club.
In 2019, Riccardo directed his first videoclip (Bisca – Nero) and was selected as a speaker at Tedx in Caserta.